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Bamboo Fly Rods Planing Forms, Rod Binders Bamboo Fly Rods Planing Forms, Rod Binders Bamboo Fly Rods
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Within this website you will find three of the most important tools needed in order to build that custom bamboo fly rod.

bamboo fly rods

Our Planing Forms are unsurpassed in quality and, they are adjustable and 60 inches long. They also have push pull bolts on 5 inch centers with two 60 degree groves. READY to use as received to get that Bamboo Fly Rod built.
Here are what they look like.

Check out our Depth Gauges. They have the reverse reading dial and 60 degree angle points. An essential aspect to the custom fly rod building process.

Our Rod Binders are made from superior quality parts enabling you build that custom quality bamboo fly rod. This Binder is a copy of the Garrison designed binder with modifications to the materials and rod supports. This is an outstanding piece of equipment. Go here to see them.

bamboo fly rods
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bamboo fly rods

Need a Custom Bamboo Fly Rod build just for you? Choose you all the specifications you want incorported with your custom rod.
All rods are built using Super Swiss ferrules and come with a fitted cloth bag and aluminum outer tube.
Check'em out here.

Looking for Hands on Lessons? The class is designed to show people how they can build a Bamboo Fly Rod at home. It will also show them the tools required and the problems encountered in the process of building a Bamboo Fly Rod. They will also have a fine Bamboo Fly Rod that they built with their own hands.
For more indepth information about the classes, click
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